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Ep 1: Grizz’s Gang

Good day everyone. Grizz here. Let me introduce myself. My full name is Tanngrisnir. Grizz for short. I arrived here on the farm before all the goats did. Often I'm told I'm a goat but I really don't think so. I'm pretty sure that I'm a dog and my job is to watch the herd of the goats, my goat gang. Sometimes they even call me the guard goat because if someone new arrives I always stand next to my mom to make sure she's good. But I'm still pretty friendly.
They call me King griz around here, and that's usually because I do what I want. They know I'm in charge so I always get fed first. I also like to have my own hay pile. I mean a guardian has to stay energized am I right? Don't worry, I still take care of my gang. When we go on goat walks, I always make sure to bend a branch down so all of them can eat the tasty leaves. I am the tallest after all. Besides, I know all the secrets to get the good stuff.
One time they thought they could keep me out of the garden by fencing it in. But I knew how to get in. It was simple. All I had to do was push a metal patio chair across the patio. I had to be careful though, otherwise it would tip over. I'd push it slowly and if it began to wobble, I'd stop. That way it wouldn't tip over. I made it all the way to the garden and was ready to jump in and then my mom stopped me. I was pretty bummed and I eventually listened after I threw a tantrum. 
After all, she loves me a lot. I always make sure when she sits down to lay on her because I know how much she loves to scratch me. And if she doesn't, I paw at her to remind her,  learned that from watching the dog.
I'll keep you posted about the ladies of the herd. I don't want to cause drama or make this a "Soap Opera" (I do love a pun).
Those gals are the important ones because they give the milk. I wish I could but those days have been over since I was a wee kid. Well it wouldn't have been milk haha. Let me keep this PG. I know I'm just bummed because they get extra food. But they're also working and need energy. Especially that Shirley! She's a total princess. Thinks she's great because it's named after her.
She's definitely not a queen. That's probably Laverne. Laverne currently produces the most milk and is the best mom. Shirley is a great mom but Laverne will also be a mom to other kids. I have a little bit of a crush on her but don't tell anyone. 
That Tabasco, she's a wild one but too spicy for me. She doesn't take any crap. We did get this new little buck in, Toby, and boy howdy is he a handful. Because he's still small he can always get out. That little stinker ate mom's flowers. Which I was super mad about because I wanted to eat them. I suppose I'll go for now, I hear a delivery truck and those guys always give me dog treats if I jump in their truck. 

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