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Episode 2: Rumors

Omg you guys Tabasco here.

I absolutely requested to be the next blogger because I need to set a few things straight.
First of all, I don’t what that Grizz is talking about me being spicy. I didn’t ask to be named Tabasco!

He doesnt even think he’s a goat. And never just shares hay. Like omg we’re all eating here, stop hoarding it. He could totally stand to give up a bit if you know what I mean.

He let’s Laverne eat hay. But that’s okay because Laverne is the Queen. She’s so kind and a great mom. Until they get older. Her babies are so wild.
Like she’s a great mom, then her kid grows up and she ignores them.

Whatever. I just wish Grizz would see I’m so much better than her. My babies have all been so well cared for and ive been dedicated to this farm since I was a baby. Why are boys dumb.

Don’t even get me started on Shirley. What A PRINCESS. Just because the soap is named after you doesn’t make you special. Seriously, she needs to like get over herself. She is such a diva and always wants coffee from the people.

Whatever. I’m cute and sassy.

Baskie out.

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